Class Schedule


Weekly classes

Experience the best upper and lower body cardio workout! This class incorporates all three exercises: Spinning, Kranking, and Climbing. You can Spin...Krank...Climb or rotate through all of them for the total cardio workout experience!!

Traditional Yoga:
Resident yoga instructor Ritu Guar's traditional yoga style is based on the yoga techniques of ancient times. It's a way to help with today’s growing need to manage stress and to attain a more positive outlook on life. Improve physical and mental well-being, by engaging your mind, body and spirit in equal measure.

Wedding/Event Yoga

Morning-of Yoga Session with Kate Hanley:
Our morning-of yoga sessions are a great way to bond with your bridal party as you shake off any jitters, get calm and grounded, and ward off any fatigue from the night before. Since the session is tailored to your level of practice, your entire group will leave feeling good in their bodies and energized for the day ahead. As a bride, walking down the aisle and seeing all the most important people in your life there to support you can be a real out-of-body experience. A morning-of yoga session will help you stay present and able to soak it all in.

Night Before Sessions with Kate Hanley:
The day of your wedding can sometimes be filled with so many things to do, it may seem stressful to add in another item to the morning. Your yoga session should be a calming, rejuvenating experience; not an item to check off your "to do" list. This is why we also offer a night before session! Relax and unwind at the end of your day with your bridal party. Get a great night's sleep because you've profoundly relaxed and released all tension from your body and mind.