A Note to Photographers 


The Five Bridge Inn and Colored Spots Creative recognize and respect the professionalism of all photographers. We never wish to overstep boundaries or rights to your photos. All images displayed on this site are web quality only, with no access to higher resolution images.

Photos are usually submitted by couples who are proud of your images and their day. We happily place them on our site to promote our venue as well as your fantastic photography. Images that show watermarks, tags, or logos have been all been submitted directly by photographers.

We make our best effort to tag and credit each photographer. 

If you see images on this site that are not watermarked
and you would like them to be:

Please email your web quality (500 px wide) marked images to
Colored Spots Creative 
and we will swap them so you get proper credit.

If you see an image used that you wish for us to remove:
Please accept our apologies in advance and let us know which image it is.
We will attend to that as quickly as possible.

If you we have not included your name or correct link on our Photo Credit page:
email  Colored Spots Creative and we will attend to that quickly.

If there is anything we have missed - just let us know.

Thank you for your amazing work!!