Private yoga sessions for events


Yoga can be a scary word for those that have never participated in a session; but we are here to ease (and relax) your mind. Our resident yoga instructor, Kate Hanley offers specialized, private yoga sessions that are tailored to your requests and level of experience. These small group sessions are fantastic for calming your mind, centering your focus, and bringing your group closer than ever. 

Private Yoga Sessions:
Our private yoga sessions are a great way to bond with your group, get calm and grounded, and ward off mental fatigue. Since the session is tailored to your level of practice, your entire group will leave feeling good in their bodies and energized. Yoga provides an opportunity to let go of everyday life, and listen to the body; it helps you stay present in the day and able to soak it all in. 

Private yoga sessions are perfect for:
• Corporate Outings
• Company Events
• Teambuilding
• Workshops
• Bridal Showers
• Ladies Night Out
Wedding Parties

Contact Kate Hanley

Kate Hanley is the resident yoga instructor at the Five Bridge Inn. She will consult with you before hand to learn what types of yoga you enjoy, how experienced you and your group are, what you'd like to focus on in class. 

She will tailor the experience to suit your likes and desires perfectly!