Policies & Rules of the Five Bridge Inn

Decorations placed/hung/setup on ground level up to 6' above ground may be setup by anyone.

New insurance regulations mandate that any and all decorations placed/hung/setup above the 6' mark must be put in place by an insured company. This policy is set in place to protect all those that work at and/or guests of The Five Bridge Inn.

If you are planning on decorating above the 6' mark:
You must either hire an outside decor company (company must provide valid insurance documents) or hire our in-house decorator: Event Designs by Lisa

All alcohol on premise must be brought in and served by an appropriately licensed caterer or bar service. 

Fire Safety:
Sparklers, Fireworks, Chinese Fire Lanterns, Tiki Torches etc. (open flames of any kind) are not permitted on the property due to fire codes and safety hazards.