Hart Photo Package for Small & Intimate Weddings

We are Russ and Lyn Hart, husband and wife. We have been photographers for over 20 years. Whether it's weddings, anniversaries, family portraits or newborn photos, we pride ourselves in preserving memories of life's most-precious moments. Our approach is a professional one, in which we like to put you at ease so you may enjoy yourselves while we work to provide enduring memories. To ensure the best-possible photo experience -- and to allow you to relax and enjoy the moment -- we prefer meeting with you beforehand to discuss your vision for the special event. Working with separate cameras, we provide different perspectives -- male vs female, tall vs short -- and vantage points. 

Located in New England, we hope to meet with you soon. 

Russ & Lyn Hart

Contact Hart Photography

Russ & Lyn Hart:

Phone: 508-252-3922



What's Included?

• Photography services at the Inn

  • Bride/Groom/Party Preparation
  • Ceremony
  • Reception/Dinner

• Photo CD of your event 

(Photo CD is a disc only. Prints can be made by the client with their choice of processing)