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The Five Bridge Inn has a fitness facility that is run independently by various personal trainers and fitness instructors. Each instructor is professionally trained, certified and insured.

Personal training and small group classes happen at various times throughout the week. Classes vary depending on instructor availability, class enrollment and season. 


Class Descriptions

Experience the best upper and lower body cardio workout! This class incorporates all three exercises: Spinning, Kranking, and Climbing. You can Spin...Krank...Climb or rotate through all of them for the total cardio workout experience!!

Instructor: Ann/Dennis
Fee $5.00 per class

Traditional Yoga:
Resident yoga instructor Ritu Guar's traditional yoga style is based on the yoga techniques of ancient times. It's a way to help with today’s growing need to manage stress and to attain a more positive outlook on life. Improve physical and mental well-being, by engaging your mind, body and spirit in equal measure.

Instructor: Ritu
Fee $10.00 per class
Multi-Class cards are available!
Private classes available by appointment - Contact Ritu

Kate Hanley offers private yoga sessions for small groups, weddings, workshops, teambuilding, and other events at the Five Bridge Inn. More detailed information can be found here:
Yoga for Weddings
Yoga for Any Event

Restorative Yoga:
Life sometimes gets too busy and too fast paced. Remember that feeling of being truly relaxed, the body all soft, warm, supple, and glowing? Feeling so comfortable in your own skin that you hardly notice your physical body? Yea...let's get back to that.
Restorative Yoga Enhances flexibility, Deeply relaxes the body, Stills the mind, Improves capacity for healing and balancing, Balances the nervous system, Boosts the immune system, Develops qualities of compassion and understanding toward others and self, Enhances mood.

Instructor: Lindsay
Fee $10.00 per class

Personal Training:
Personal training sessions with Joanne can be individual or in groups no larger than 4 people. Email Joanne to make an appointment and start your Personal Training sessions!

(Personal Training is priced individually considering each clients personal needs and goals. )

Not sure what kind of workout you will get in a Spin/Krank/Climb class - Check out the videos here


DTrain Fitness: (registration required)
Small group training, Group "PopUp" classes, One-on-one Personal training, and Fit4Two Training available through DTrain Fitness.

• HIIT IT - in the Yoga Room
• Tone it UP - in the Strength Room
• Spin
• Total Body Confusion - in the Strength Room
• Rock Bottom - in the Strength Room


Fees, Info & Schedule at
Instructor: Daniella


Class Schedule



Dennis Bell: Email Dennis
In front of his classes, Dennis Bell is all rock and roll. He plays Elvis Presley and The Clash. He sings along while gesturing with his arms, sometimes to emphasize certain lyrics. He’s also a motorcycle racer, no sport for the faint of heart. He’s still not ready to give it up. It was his racing, in fact, that got him to exercise. As he got older, he realized that to stay competitive, he’d have to stay fit. So while working as a business director for East Side Clinical Laboratory and raising a son in Rehoboth with his wife, he began strength training and aerobic exercise. Soon he found himself instructing others. His strength, will, and perseverance are unmatched - even after a brush with death, this instructor is leading spin classes again.

Ann Messenger:  Email Ann
Long before Ann founded Five Bridge Inn, she went to her first aerobics class at the YMCA in the early 70's and was hooked ever since. With four kids in tow, she spent years as an instructor at the Y. In 1985 she taught her first class of Aerobics In Motion, better known as AIM (the original Zumba). From then on, she has become certified in all the exercise trends that followed. For the past 25 years she has taught step, slide, body pump, boot camp, spin and now krank. Her true love has been teaching spin but has now coupled that with krank. An avid music lover and listener, Ann is motivated by rhythm and touched by the lyrics of songwriters old and new. She is teaching spin/krank on her home turf to offer a class with the intensity she craves. Her classes are crafted to challenge riders physically, and inspire them to achieve greatness both on and off the bike. Almost 30 years ago Ann began a journey changing lives through fitness. She welcomes 30 more!!

Joanne Gering:  Email Joanne
Joanne is a Personal Trainer, insured and certified through the American Council on Exercise. After 20+ years in the fitness industry serving most populations, Joanne's experience has grown to include Exercise for clients with Health Challenges. With the necessary tools, Joanne can lead you to your personal fitness success.


Kate Hanley:
Kate is passionate about helping busy people slow down, breathe deep, and trust their gut, and she does it through a unique mix of coaching and mind-body practice. She’s an accomplished author and blogger. As a yoga teacher for people who don't do yoga, Kate has led workshops for huge companies – such as HP – and intimate groups – such as wedding showers and new moms’ groups. She's helped participants at numerous corporate retreats relax, bond, and regain mental clarity. Wherever she goes, she tailors her content and delivery to the audience and the setting to ensure that folks get the maximum information and inspiration. Kate earned her yoga teaching certification at OM yoga center in New York City, but developed her true mettle as a yogi and coach as a wife to husband Scott and mom to two kids – Lillian (5) and Teddy (2). She lives with her family in Providence, Rhode Island, home of hope, religious tolerance, and clam cakes. For more info about Kate, visit; or check out our Yoga for Weddings page or our Yoga for Any Event page.

Ritu Guar: 
A native of Delhi, India, Ritu has recently arrived in the US to share her knowledge as an experienced certified instructor of traditional yoga. She received her training in Yoga Science under the expert, seasoned teachers of the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga and her teaching certification at the National Institute of Open Schooling. Both are well known and highly respected schools of yoga in India.

After receiving her certification, she began teaching both group and private yoga classes in the Delhi area. Her teaching style, while based on the yoga techniques of ancient times, is also a way to help with today’s growing need to manage stress and to attain a more positive outlook on life. As the New Resident Yoga Instructor @ Five Bridge Inn, Ritu is looking forward to helping students of all ages, to improve not only their physical, but more importantly, their mental well-being, by engaging their mind, body and spirit in equal measure. 

Ritu also holds a Master’s Degree in Sanskrit (ancient language of India), and was a lecturer at Bangalore University in India. 

Contact Ritu by email, on facebook, or by phone (774-930-4765) for private group sessions for weddings or events.

Lindsay Houghton, RYT 200: 
Lindsay started her yoga journey many moons ago but it wasn’t until earlier this year she decided to take a leap of faith, trek to Costa Rica and receive her 200-hour certification.

After building a career in the wellness industry for over 15 years, starting this new adventure has certainly taken Lindsay out of her comfort zone…but hey that’s where the magic happens!

Lindsay looks at yoga as not only a way of life but as a tool in her wellness toolbox that she uses to enhance the lives of her clients, friends and family.

Join Lindsay - yoga instructor and wellness guru - as she guides you through euphoric flows and magically restorative yoga practices.

Contact Lindsay by email, on facebook, or by phone (443-847-504)

Daniella Wilhelm

Daniella Wilhelm: 

The day I got my drivers license I starting going to the local YMCA at 5am to get my daily workout in before going to school. A few years later, as a college student, I sourced a personal trainer looking to be challenged and expand my knowledge of the sport. That personal trainer, Dennis Bell, tapped into my love of fitness, helped me grow my skills, introduced me to the endorphin high intense physical activity brings, and brought out my passion for fitness. Fitness has brought so much more into my life than just physical benefits. It has allowed me to tap into the mind, body, soul connection that has made me a much kinder, more compassionate, and joyful person which has brought me closer to others including good friends, family, and strangers alike. My time in the “gym” allows me to focus, to meditate, to be myself without censorship, and has shown me that I am capable of anything I set my mind to and work hard for. My mission is to share this passion with others in hopes of spreading kindness, compassion, happiness, and health. 

Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer & Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor 

Contact Daniella by email, on facebook, or by phone (508-954-9436)

Daniella's Classes can be found on her website: