The Greatest Story Ever Told

From the moment you meet your true love, to the day you say "I Do" in the company of all your loved and cherished family and friends, you are writing your story. It's not one that will be written in words - it's written in memories. It's written in photos, songs, snapshots, selfies, and videos. You'll revisit this time and will tell it over and over throughout the years, and each time you do, it will change a bit. It becomes relevant to the time you are in instead of the time when it happened. You will forever be building upon and expanding your story. 

We get to see a lot of memories being made here at the Five Bridge Inn and each one is completely unique and special to us. Our greatest joy is to see our couples at their happiest moments on that day; our second greatest joy is watching the sneak peaks come in from all the videographers! It's your story, preserved forever, exactly as it happened.

Every videographer will capture your story on film and you'll always have that memory preserved. Sometimes though, we come across a true gem. The perfect mix of weather, personality, playfulness, charm, and artistic video talent - and you end up with a six and a half minute snippet (just a peak) that says more than a thousand page book ever could.

Thank you JB Horn Film for this amazing treasure, and best of luck Amanda and Carlton on your new life as husband and wife! 


Amanda And Carlton 7.26.15 JB HORN FILM