Fit to be You

Once again, we roll ourselves into a New Year. We are reminded to reflect on our past, live in the present, and plan for the future. This really happens on a daily basis; but when the calendar year rolls forward, we are all reminded that time is passing and we need to grab a hold of it now.

So what did you choose for a resolution?

If you are like most, fitness and health are near the top of the list. January is a big month for those with fitness resolutions, but by February we've all become accustomed to writing the new date down and old habits start settling back in quickly. This year, make it a goal to beat back those old bad habits. Don't let them win this time. Stay focused on your goals and go out and achieve them.

Here are some things to help you stay on track:

Tip 1:
You did not get "out of shape" in a month. You will not get "in shape" in a month either!

  • Give it TIME
  • Celebrate each small victory

Tip 2:
Fitness and Health are not an activity, they are a lifestyle.

  • Healthy eating and daily exercise are required for success
  • Food is fuel - not a reward

Tip 3: 
Stay focused and don't get discouraged.

  • Surround yourself with reminders of your goal - Pictures, motivational post-its, motivational facebook links... The more you see it, the quicker your "activity" will become your "lifestyle"!
  • Workout with a friend and support and motivate each other

Above all, if you fall off track; acknowledge it and get back on track!
We all slip up every once in a while.. just refer back to tip 1 and get back to your achieving your goal of a new, healthier you!

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Set a goal - then just go get it!