First Look : Why we LOVE this new trend

The First Look.

It's been tradition that the couple should not see each other on the wedding day before the ceremony itself, but recently it's become more of a trend to have a private moment and "First Look" sometime in the afternoon before the celebration even begins. As a wedding venue, we have had the pleasure of seeing things done every which way and have to say we LOVE when couples do their first look before. 

We think it makes it even more special when the first look is a private moment shared only between the couple. The entire day will be a treasured memory, but those few moments alone to share that First Look together without rushing into the ceremony is truly priceless. After that private moment, it frees up the entire afternoon for photos with the couple and their entire wedding party. The photographers also get time to capture more unique, beautiful moments without stealing anyone away from cocktail hour.  

Check out this amazing video from JB Horn Film.
At 1:20 you get to see how we do First Looks here at the Five Bridge Inn.

Samantha And David 5.9.15 JB HORN FILM